Refining results by creating new prompt in current branch

Create new message in the same branch

Midjourney provide a redo button to let users regenerate photos, button is attached right under the results. The prompt will be reused to generate new results.


Problem: Continuously iterating on AI-generated content within a single thread can lead to confusion and clutter, making it challenging to track the evolution of ideas or changes over time.

Example: In a conversation with an AI assistant, a user decides to refine a request or command. Simply appending the revised message to the end of the conversation can make it difficult to follow the thread's progression or understand the context of each adjustment.

Usage: The approach of "Appending New Messages in the Same Branch/Thread" is pivotal in environments like AI chatbots, collaborative editing tools, or any platform where ongoing dialogue or content development occurs. It ensures that each edit adds to a cohesive narrative or conversation, maintaining continuity while allowing for iterative refinement.


The strategy for "Appending New Messages in the Same Branch/Thread" focuses on adding edits as consecutive entries within the same interaction flow, enhancing coherence and traceability:

  • Sequential Edits: New edits or messages are appended directly after the original content within the same thread, creating a chronological record of changes and discussions.
  • Clear Edit Indicators: Marking edits or appended messages distinctly from original content, possibly through visual cues or tags, to highlight modifications while preserving the flow of conversation.
  • Contextual Links: Providing links or references between related messages or edits to enhance understanding of the changes and the reasons behind them.
  • Collapse/Expand Options: Allowing users to collapse earlier versions or tangential discussions, focusing on the most recent content or on the branches of the conversation most relevant to their current needs.


Adopting the "Appending New Messages in the Same Branch/Thread" pattern provides several advantages in managing iterative content:

  • Maintains Conversational Integrity: This approach keeps the conversation or content development in a single, navigable thread, preserving the context and flow of interaction.
  • Enhances User Experience: Users can easily track how their inputs or the AI's responses have evolved over time without losing sight of the overarching context or having to navigate through multiple threads.
  • Supports Clarity and Accountability: Sequentially appending changes helps maintain a clear record of how decisions were made or ideas were refined, supporting transparency and accountability in collaborative settings.
  • Facilitates Efficient Review: The ability to review a complete conversation or content thread from start to finish—or focus on the most recent interactions—makes it easier for users to revisit and understand the progression of their AI interactions.

"Appending New Messages in the Same Branch/Thread" streamlines the iterative process of refining AI-generated content or conversations, ensuring clarity and continuity in user interactions with AI systems.

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